Q. I do not see exactly what I require, can you help

A. get in touch…email or telephone team@mybespokegifts.com Tel; 01285 650 441 we may be able to look at producing a one-off bespoke gift for you.

Q. I have an urgent requirement for a special occasion or special person.

A. get in touch by email or phone to team@mybespokegifts.com Tel; 01285 650 441 we will discuss this with you. Sometimes we can wave that magic wand.

Q. Do you offer Consolidated shipping charges.

A.Yes, we will consolidate the shipping cost and refund any excess charges that would have been applied at check out. We will make a refund to your card while your order is shipped and advise you by email.

Q. Will I be asked to sign up the receive emails offers.

A. Yes, we will, In return we will send a coupon that will enable special discounted offers and membership to The MBG Picture Wall Club.

Q. What is the MBG Picture Wall Club, what is its purpose.

A. The MBG Picture Wall Club is an open (to those who participate) forum for customers to post pictures of their gifts being used or being worn. Keep a keen eye open for two new product ranges arriving in 2021

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